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pediatric dentistry

Lakewood Dental Pediatric Dentistry in Lee’s Summit, MO
Many children feel nervous about their dental visits. This is understandable- new situations can be scary for kids. If you are looking for a Lee’s Summit pediatric dentist, you are in the right place! At Lakewood Dental, we provide a friendly, inclusive environment for pediatric dentistry.
Early Intervention

One of the most important parts of pediatric dentistry is early intervention. We want to catch potential dental problems in your children before they happen. This minimizes pain, anxiety, and a life full of dental problems for your child.

Our team specializes in pediatric dentistry. We love visiting with children and teaching them good oral hygiene habits. We want to instill these habits for a lifetime. We offer preventative procedures like regular cleanings and X-rays. As a children’s dentist in Lee’s Summit, we care about your child’s tooth and gum health. 

Kid-Friendly Environment

Our team works hard to create a child-friendly environment that all kids can enjoy. We make intimidating dental procedures fun and entertaining. We offer many options for sedation for more intense procedures. You, as a parent, get to choose what is best for your child at all times.

Pediatric dentistry is about making children feel safe and comforted, even in scary new settings. By the time your child has had a few regular visits here, they will likely love coming back!

Pediatric Dentist Parent Education

As a parent, we understand that you have a lot of questions about your child’s dental development. We believe in answering every question and concern that you may have. We provide parents with informational materials about the different stages of dental care in children. You never have to navigate your child’s dental health alone.

We also understand that you know your child better than anyone else. That is why we make parent autonomy a priority as a pediatric dentist’s office. We are happy to give you peace of mind about the dental care we provide for your child.

First Dental Visit

Your child’s first-ever dentist appointment depends on their teeth, but the initial visit occurs around one year of age on average. At that point, we can begin to ensure your child has healthy dental development.

Our kid-friendly office and pleasant staff will ensure that your child has a positive first dental experience. We are dedicated to being a safe place that you can count on as a pediatric dentist’s office.

Pediatric Dentistry Procedures
As a children’s dentist office, we want to make sure that your child’s oral health problems are addressed quickly to minimize complications. We offer a variety of preventative and active treatment options for your child. Below are some of the pediatric dental procedures we provide at Lakewood Dental.
Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are the cornerstone of great oral health. We use gentle techniques to get rid of plaque and bacteria in your child’s mouth. We also provide a fluoride treatment during dental cleanings, which keeps your child’s tooth enamel healthy. Enamel care is primarily preventative, so childhood is the best time for fluoride treatments.

This is the time we usually check for any dental problems. We can then recommend further treatments based on our findings. With regular dental cleanings, this is less likely to happen.

Pediatric dentist offices have different options for fillings. At Lakewood Dental, we believe in treating cavities as soon as we notice them. We offer tooth-colored fillings for your child’s cavities, so they will not be noticeable throughout their life. We have many sedation options for children to receive fillings.
Early Orthodontic Care
We check for signs of abnormal tooth development throughout your child’s life. The earlier we can identify orthodontic problems, the sooner we can treat them. Orthodontic issues consist of teeth and jaw alignment problems. For example, if your child shows signs of an overbite or misaligned teeth, we can begin a treatment plan. Early orthodontic intervention can save time, discomfort, and money.
We install stainless steel crowns when a child’s tooth is too badly decayed to be filled with tooth-colored resin. These dental fixtures protect your child’s tooth from pain and pressure. They also alleviate the need to remove the tooth, which can be painful and scary for children. Crowns are a great protective measure for your child’s decaying teeth.

X-rays are necessary during childhood to ensure your child’s teeth and jaws are developing correctly. X-rays can catch all sorts of childhood dental problems, such as early tooth weakening, decay, and bite problems. We make this process safe and comfortable for children.

In pediatric dentistry, x-rays are a staple procedure that provides early insight into how your child’s mouth is developing. We take x-rays at nearly every appointment your child has for preventative and treatment purposes.

Understandably, parents have questions about pediatric dentistry. We want you to feel comfortable with our processes and procedures at Lakewood Dental. We have compiled some frequently asked parent questions below.
When Should My Child First See a Dentist?
We recommend sending your child to our pediatric dentist office around one year of age. This is the age we can start to spot potential problems in tooth development.
What Should I Expect from My Child’s First Dental Visit?
At Lakewood Dental, we make dentist visits fun for children. First, we will do an initial assessment of your child’s teeth and gums. Then, we will also perform a dental cleaning and fluoride treatment. Finally, your child gets to take a goody bag full of dental hygiene tools home with them!
Do Baby Teeth Matter If They’re Only Going to Fall Out Anyway?
Yes. Baby teeth do fall out, but decay and damage can impact your child’s tooth roots and gums. It is a good idea to instill good dental hygiene habits while your child has baby teeth. That way, they have practice taking good care of their teeth when their adult teeth grow in.
Are X-Rays Safe for My Child?
Yes! We equip every patient with a protective shield during X-rays. X-ray technology has been used extensively in modern medicine, and with proper protective equipment, there is minimal risk.