Why Choose Lakewood Dental and Dr Matt A Niewald DDS as Your Emergency Dentist in Lee’s Summit?

Lakewood Dental, as a local dentist, we are also an emergency dentist office serving patients in Lee’s Summit, MO and the surrounding areas. Our team provides a variety of dental services, including emergency dentistry. When you’re suffering from severe tooth pain or have sustained an injury to your teeth, you can call us immediately to make an emergency appointment.

The ADA, American Dental Association, stresses the importance of providing fast access to emergency services. Lakewood Dental can typically provide same-day appointments for most types of dental emergencies, so please call right away to receive the soonest possible treatment.

Providing Emergency Treatment as Quickly as Possible

Dental emergencies are often characterized by severe pain and issues with chewing. Time is a serious factor in these cases, so we strive to deliver emergency dentistry appointments as quickly as possible every time.

At Dr Niewald and our team at Lakewood Dental can accept most walk-in emergency patients and will almost always be able to see emergency dentistry patients on the same day they reach out to us. In some rare cases, next-day appointments may be necessary.

A dental emergency is no time to wait. Damaged and injured teeth will only become worse with time, potentially leading to more serious permanent damage. If you’re suffering from a severe toothache or other irregular dental issues, reach out to Lakewood Dental right away.

A Convenient Emergency Dentist in Lee’s Summit, MO
While any dental emergency can be a difficult situation, the team at Lakewood Dental strives to keep things as simple as possible for our patients. We can take on new patients at any time. You don’t have to have come here before to seek treatment for your dental emergency.
Insurance and Dental Coverage

Our practice can accept most types of dental insurance.  We make the process as simple as possible to ensure that you get the treatment you need right away.

There’s no need to waste time when you’re suffering from tooth pain. At Lakewood Dental, we’re focused on quickly getting to the bottom of the dental problem you’re facing and instituting a solution that delivers lasting relief.

Providing a Full Range of Emergency Dentistry Treatments
The team at Lakewood Dental can provide effective treatments for your emergency dentistry needs. Come in as soon as you start suffering from tooth pain or notice something wrong to get your treatment as quickly as possible.
Insurance and Dental Coverage

Some of the most severe cases we see here as an emergency dentist in Shelby Township, MI, are emergency root canals. This procedure removes the pulp (the soft tissue inside your tooth) after it has become exposed or otherwise damaged.

It is best to plan ahead, but the damage that necessitates a root canal can lead to terrible pain that requires immediate treatment. While this pain typically builds gradually, it can sometimes occur suddenly. When this happens, the severe pain requires emergency dentistry.

Emergency Crowns
A crown is a type of cap placed over a damaged tooth to restore both its shape and function. In general, emergency crowns are only required when some physical accident leads to chipped or broken teeth. This tooth-shaped cap will prevent further damage to the tooth and pain during routine activities like chewing.
Emergency Filling
If you’re experiencing sharp pain in a tooth, you might be suffering from a severe cavity. An emergency filling can quickly remedy the situation and provide relief. You might also suffer from tooth pain if you’ve somehow lost a previous filling, which our team will be able to replace.
Emergency Tooth Extraction
Emergency tooth extraction is another emergency dentistry procedure. While careful evaluations can often lead to better solutions than extraction, emergencies can preclude that planning. Severe pain, advanced tooth decay, gum disease, abscessed teeth, root fractures, and physical trauma to the teeth and jaw could require an immediate tooth extraction. No matter what your specific dental emergency is, Dr. Niewald and his team at Lakewood Dental are the practice to go with if you need an emergency dentist in Lee’s Summit, MO, that is both fast and comprehensive in their emergency dentistry.
An Emergency Dentistry Team You Can Trust

Lakewood Dental is a team of experienced professionals providing quality dental care. Dr. Matt Niewald (list accolades) years of experience in dentistry, with the last (years doing emergency dentistry) having been spent right here as your emergency dentist in Lee’s Summit, MO.

The staff at Lakewood Dental is friendly and professional, delivering exceptional care for all patients. We’re the right choice for any of your dental needs, including emergency dentistry when you need it most.

At our office you’re getting dedicated care from an experienced team of professionals. Whenever you need emergency dentistry, we can provide you with quick, convenient, and effective care that can provide relief and give you the best chance of keeping affected teeth whenever possible.

Emergency Dentist in Lee’s Summit, MO
The Lakewood Dental team is available today for any of your emergency dental needs. Call us immediately if you believe you need emergency services or contact us at any time to schedule an appointment for any other dental services. Our team can’t wait to meet you and get started providing the essential dental care you need.
Frequently Asked Questions
At Lakewood Dental, a big part of what we do is educate and inform our patients about their conditions and treatment options. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about emergency dentistry. In fact, we’ll answer some of the most common questions for you right here!
Does a Dental Emergency Mean that I’m Going to Lose a Tooth?
Not necessarily. Extractions are just one of the procedures that can be used in a dental emergency. A lot depends on your specific case, but procedures like root canals, fillings, and crowns could resolve the emergency without the loss of any teeth.
What Should I Do If One of My Teeth Falls Out?
If one of your permanent teeth has fallen or been knocked out, there is a chance that it can be reattached. Time is of the essence here, so call Lakewood Dental right away. Don’t touch the roots (the bottom) of the tooth, as you can easily damage the delicate tissue. Keeping the tooth moist is essential but tap water won’t do. Instead, you can carry the tooth in a glass of milk.
What Do I Do if Crowns or Fillings Fall Out?

Crowns and fillings protect parts of your teeth that are susceptible to damage due to cavities. When they fall out, that area gets exposed.

Everyday activities can quickly lead to the damage spreading. Bring the crown or filling with you if you still have it so that we can put it back into place safely.

What Should I Do About a Cracked or Broken Tooth?
A broken or cracked tooth needs immediate treatment. If any pieces or chips have fallen off of the tooth, bring as many of them with you as possible. A broken tooth is at immediate risk of becoming progressively worse, so come into Lakewood Dental for treatment as soon as possible.
What Can I Do to Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Some dental emergencies can’t be actively prevented because they’re the result of accidents that damage your teeth. However, emergencies caused by gum disease, abscessed teeth, and other conditions that develop over time can be prevented through regular appointments.

Regular checkups and cleanings can catch many common issues ahead of time, letting you plan treatment for a time that suits your schedule. You’ll have better results in the long term and save yourself the pain and stress of a dental emergency when you have regular oral care.

Reach out to our team at Lakewood Dental to schedule routine dental checkups.