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Dental Bonding
Lakewood Dental provides Dental Bonding for our patients. Bonding involves adhering composite resin material that is matched to the color of the tooth, to the front of the tooth. This is done to repair damage done to the tooth by decay, to alter the alignment of the tooth, close gaps between the teeth, or for cosmetic purposes. First the surface of the tooth is roughened in order to accept the bonding and hold it. A gel is applied to micro etch the tooth surface, and a primer/bond agent is applied so the material adheres to the surface. Then the material itself is placed on the tooth and hardened with intense light. The composite resin material is shaped and polished to get a lustrous finish as a last step.
Enhance Your Smile Appearance
Bonding is the application of tooth-colored composite resin to enhance the appearance of your smile.
Bonding can be used for:

● Correcting cracks or gaps in teeth
● Covering up stains or discolored teeth
● Fillings after a cavity has been removed

First, the doctor will choose a shade of composite resin that will match and enhance your smile. Then the composite resin will be applied and sculpted over your tooth. After the resin has been applied, an LED light is used to harden the resin. It will then be polished. Results are achieved immediately and can subtly or drastically change the appearance of your smile.
Bonding is a safe, affordable and aesthetically pleasing solution for many dental problems.